First blog post

How this blog came to be.


Animal Farm

An original acrostic poem for the novel, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell.

Beauty is the Wisdom

An original parody of the well-known fairy tale, Snow White. Giggle and entertain yourself with this lighthearted story of your favorite classic Disney princess, who does not act like a classic Disney princess.

Artificial Plant

The life of an artificial plant. What seems like a perfect life is actually the complete opposite. Through reading this original short story, you cannot help but to ponder about life and how precious it is to be alive right now. The story includes a sad, bittersweet ending.

How Humans were Made pt. 1

A medium length story on how humans came to be. One barely has any time to love one another, so how can we have time to hate one another? (exclaimer: this has taken some viewpoints from the Christian God with some of my own creativity. I mainly wrote this as fiction.)


What it feels like to be depressed and suicidal. These are the thoughts as one lays in bed at night. When life just becomes too much, what can be done? It is a cry for help, for life does not have a meaning anymore